EuropeActive welcomed its new project on Anti-Doping in Recreational sport

On 17th and 18th January, EuropeActive hosted the FAIR Project Kick-Off meeting to decide the first actions for the upcoming months. The meeting was attended by the European Commission (DG EAC Sport Unit), Academics, European Anti-doping associations and the food and drink sector. It has been a fruitful and exciting meeting which provided the base for a successful project with a strong impact on the EU anti-doping field.

About the FAIR Project

Doping in recreational sport has become a societal problem and a public health concern.

The FAIR project will:

  • Review existing doping prevention interventions, including for food and food supplements which are aimed at sports people
  • Report on their good practices which are proven to be effective
  • Provide a forum for open discussion and objective thinking about reducing the prevalence of doping for performance- and image-enhancing purposes
  • Inform key stakeholders and policy makers on evidence-based planning and encourage them to adopt the good practices and to use the information material/tools to raise awareness of doping issues to their users
  • Independent research undertaken through a Doctoral Studies Programme

The FAIR project is based on the insights provided by the Study on Doping Prevention in Recreational Sport published by the European Commission.

Project Partners

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